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Surface Preparation

Contaminants and oils should be removed from the surface of the concrete by using detergents or mechanical means ( such as shot blast, diamond grinder, Roughening, abrading, Sandblasting, etc.) in order to obtain a completely clean surface. If detergents are used, rinse the concrete with mains water until a neutral PH value of the surface is obtained, and then leave the surface to dry.

Surface should be free from laitance & dust trace of grease, oil moisture. The concrete surface should be clean dry and mechanically sound.

Primer Coat

Apply the first layer of the coating, such as an epoxy primer specifically formulated for penetrating and bonding to the concrete. Usually 150 microns in thickness.

Surface Preparation

Base Coat

1-2 mm thickness self levelling
3-5 mm thickness of mortar screed

Seal Coat only for screed

Seal the holes opens up during mortar screed.

Top Coat

Topcoat of 500 micron
1-2 mm thickness

Surface Preparation

Physical Properties After 7 Days Curing At 30°C

Properties for System Units Values
Compressive Strength for system Kg/cm2 600-800
Flexural Strength Kg/cm2 300-350
Coefficient Of Linear Thermal Expansion Kg/cm2 300-350
Specific Gravity g/ml 1.8
Shrinkage cm/cm 0.0008
Sheer Strength Kg/cm2 70-100

There Are Many Benefits To Using Epoxy Coating On Industrial Floors

  • Aesthetics - Epoxy coatings provide an amazing appearance.
  • Easy to clean - While bare Epoxy floors hold dirt, Epoxy coatings create a barrier making cleaning fast and easy.
  • Safety - By keeping floors dry, Epoxy coatings will keep them safe for employees and guests.
  • Makes your plant more appealing to your customers.
  • Protection from wear and tear-Uncoated Epoxy will not last nearly as long as flooring with Epoxy coating; Epoxy coated flooring will last for many years without the need for costly repairs.
  • Reflect light - Epoxy coated flooring will reflect 1000/0 more light than bare Epoxy providing more visibility and making the floors safer. It also reduces the need for auxiliary lighting and will restore life to dull, drab bare Epoxy.
  • Decorative Effects.
  • Impermeability to Water.
  • Excellent Mechanical Properties.
  • Elimination of Joints and Cracks due to Contraction.
  • Enhanced Resistance to Oil, Chemicals, Solvents, Detergents, Etc.